my plan

May 21,2019

Siting under the trees listening to the wild life. feeling the fresh air in my lungs.taking my bottles of pills that will cure me from ever feeling this way again. Everyone else has failed their job’s i won’t fail.

Feeling the handle of the knife in my hand and feeling secure becuse if the pills don’t work the knife will.

My last breath in the fresh air

this was my plan and i was going to follow through with it i had just started getting help again with my mental illness and was just so tired and numb. I am now working on DBT number one treatment for borderline personality disorder and thought i would give it a chance i can always come back to killing myself but cant come back to try to live again.

this plan does keep circling around in my head and sometimes i want to just act on the urge to end it all but i fight it over and over again on a daily basis even in my sleep i dream about it theirs no getting away from it.

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